Wire producing and processing lines

DRUIDS continues designing and developing innovation for the production and processing of wire, constantly developing new technologies and equipment, enabling the transformation and improvement of the wire producing industry.

DRUIDS continues the long tradition in the wire equipment development and manufacturing, led by Xavier Ayesa, started in 1987 with the foundation of AUTOMAT INDUSTRIAL.

DRUIDS development of technologies and equipment is focused in the scientific study of the production of wire and metals transformation processes, including the wire drawing, thermal treatments, galvanizing coating and coil packing. We develop, manufacture and supply complete factories to produce ferrous wires.

Roll drawing and roll drawing lines

The first production step is the steel wire transformation through drawing the wire rod into wire for further processing, such as thermally treating and zinc coating.

The best and most modern process to produce wires is the high performance roll drawing developed by DRUIDS.

Galvanized Lines

The galvanized process is the fused zinc wire dip during a determined time. During this coating a chemical reaction is produced between the metals, creating an adhered metallurgical coating with diferent composition metal sheet layers. The objective is only to protect metal against corrosión. After a galvanisation, during the corrosión process zinc is used to protect metal and in this way wire oxidation is avoided, enlarging its usfel life.

DRUIDS supplies full installations with traditional technology and also new clean technology evolution, more up to date.

Packing solutions for long products

Roll/Coil production Lines

DRUIDS has achieved the máximum design and supply background on packing automatic equipment for wire rolls, wire strapping rolls of all dimensions, wrapped with film, including rings, labels, weight…

Spooling (coiled) packed rolls


Full automatic machine
0,5 to 4 kg, 1 roll of 100 meter/min
1 lb to 9 lbs 1 roll of 1180 feet/min


Full automatic machine
25 to 70 kg ( 55 to 155 lbs)
Electric fence wire
Oval wire
Vine wire, trancané


Semi automatic machine
42,5 kg ( 93,7 lbs)
Black annealed wire
Tie wire
Bag up wire


Semi automatic machine
25 to 70 kg ( 55 to 155 lbs)
Electric fence wire
Oval wire
Vine wire, trancané

Big rolls and bundles packing

Full automatic lines
Rolls up to 2000 kg ( 4400 lbs)
Mallets up to 2000 kg ( 440 lbs) of 10 to 20 chopped rolls
Compacted and strapped
Protection wraping for export
Ring automatic placing
Labelling and weighting
Black annealed wire
Galvanised wire
Vine and fence wire
Agriculture wire

(Rolled) Coiling rolls packing

Automatic machine
Diameter of spire 600 mm ( 24x)
4,5 kg( 10 lbs)
Typical production: 1 strapped roll every 30 ¨
Diameter of spire 330 mm ( 13x)
5 kg ( 11 lbs)
Typical production: 1 strapped roll every 60¨


(Chopped) Splitting rolls packing

Automatic machine
Splitting big wire rolls into 25 to 50 kg units approx.