Welcome to the future of wire, now

Since its beginning more than three decades ago, DRUIDS Process Technology continues pushing the limits of innovation. The company has developed capabilities in the field of simulations, high-performance design engineering, control systems and electronics, besides intimate knowledge of processes of the wire and metallurgy, gained after decades of close cooperation with academia and the most relevant players in the industry.

Initially established in 1987, the company was named AUTOMAT Industrial, headed by Xavier Ayesa to manufacture machines, robotic systems and industrial automation. After moving to new headquarters in Granollers, near Barcelona, in 2003, the company was able to focus also on the scientific aspects of wire production and coating, expanding its offer of complete process lines for the wire industry.

DRUIDS is now developing process technologies and equipment to produce and process ferrous wire and for the transformation of metals, including roll drawing of wires, thermal treatments, hot-dip galvanising and coil packing. We design, manufacture and deliver complete green factories to produce ferrous wires.

We produce environmentally friendly lines for wire production

Fast and clean roll drawing lines to produce wire

First of all, the first step in the production of ferrous wire is transforming the wire rod, as it is produced by the steel mill, into final diameters.

The best and most streamlined process to produce the required final diameters of wire is the high-performance roll drawing process developed by DRUIDS.

DRU-Roll roll drawing cassettes

DRU-Roll roll drawing cassettes can be fitted onto existing lines from most manufacturers.

There are significant competitive advantages of using roll drawing cassettes:

  • Increase the wire production because rolls’ life is from 100 to 200 times longer than the life of the drawing dies. Equipment availability increases by 4 to 10%.
  • The friction and rolling forces are less severe on the wire than the die drawing process, resulting in an increase of production because of the reduction of wire breaks. Equipment availability increases by 8 to 12%.
  • Less friction also means lower pulling force or less energy consumption per ton of wire produced. The lower pulling force permits a higher line speed, increasing the production of wire by 5 to 10%.
  • DRUIDS’ roll drawing cassette has a unique cooling system in the lubrication circuit, reducing the temperature developed in the wire due to the deformation. Cooler process temperature produces better wire quality and allows using high carbon and alloy materials.
  • Roll drawing cassettes are less sensitive to wire rod quality, such as small surface imperfections or surface rust, and mill scale. This may reduce the raw material cost and preparation cost sensibly.
  • Less drawing lubricant consumption means direct product cost reduction of 10 to 12% and cleaner final wire.

DRU-Wet roll drawing lines

Presently, this is the non-plus-ultra of the production of wires, doubling the advantages of using cassettes and additional features to do even more with your wire factory.

DRU-Wet roll drawing lines add numerous advantages, among them:

  • Production of clean wire, without any residual lubricant on the surface.
  • Fast cassette change, increases the production and availability of the equipment, especially if many different final diameters are produced.
  • Lower investment cost (CAPEX)
  • Faster and simpler installation.
  • Highly optimized for DRUIDS’ fast and eco galvanising process.
Cleaner. Faster. Better. In its pure essence.

Fast and environmentally friendly galvanising lines for multiple wires

During the galvanisation process, the wires are submerged into molten zinc for a set period of time to prevent corrosion and increase their useful life. This process is called hot-dip galvanizing. As the coating metal, pure zinc is still used, and nowadays there are also several zinc alloys (Zn-Al, Zn-Al-Mg…) that provide galvanic protection with enhanced properties.

Based on more than three decades of process expertise, DRUIDS develops and delivers complete galvanising lines for multiple wires with a completely new concept and numerous advantages.

DRU-Gal complete galvanising lines for wire are the ideal technology for expanding production capacity or replacing existing traditional lines.

  • 3x to 4x increase of speed and production.
  • Zero CO2 emissions.
  • 50 to 65% less energy consumption.
  • Individual process parameters for every single wire.
  • Smart process control, Industry 4.0 Ready
  • No hazardous chemicals.
  • 100% safer with improved operation ergonomics, doubles the operator’s productivity.
  • 35 to 50% lower CAPEX.
  • Up to 70% lower OPEX.
  • Lowest TCO (total cost of ownership).
  • No environmental impact, no fumes, no wastes, no hazardous chemicals.
  • More than 18 years of experience and 5 million tons of galvanised wire produced with this technology.
  • 80% less zinc inventory.
  • 60% less intermediate product inventory.
  • Non-operation costs are nearly zero.
  • Instantaneous restart permits working single shift o stop on weekends.
  • Direct application of Zn and Zn-Al / Zn-Al-Mg alloys.
  • No need for a waste-water, acid, flux or fume treatment plant.
  • Short delivery and short installation times.

Sounds good?

Come and test your wire in our industrial pilot plant in our company near Barcelona in Spain. See it with your own eyes. Talk to us now.

Packing solutions for long products

Production lines for coils

DRUIDS has extensive experience in the design and supply of automatic equipment for packaging of wire coils and bobbins, strapping of wire rolls of almost any size, wrapping, D-hook placement, labelling, weighing, etc. and complete end-of-the-line solutions for the wire industry.

Packing of wire packages made by spooling


Full automatic machine

  • 0,5 to 4 kg, 1 roll of 100 meter/min
  • 1 lb to 9 lbs 1 roll of 1180 feet/min


Full automatic machine

  • 25 to 70 kg (55 to 155 lbs)
  • Electric fence wire
  • Oval wire
  • Vineyard wire


Semi automatic machine

  • 42,5 kg (94 lbs)
  • Black annealed wire
  • Tie wire
  • Baling wire


Semi automatic machine

  • 25 to 70 kg (55 to 155 lbs)
  • Electric fence wire
  • Oval wire
  • Vineyard wire

Bulk coils and packing of bundles

Full automatic lines

  • Bulk coils of up to 2000 kg (4400 lbs)
  • Bundled coils of up to 2000 kg (440 lbs) of 10 to 20 split coils
  • Compacted and strapped
  • Protection wrapping for export
  • Automatic D-hook placement
  • Weighting and labelling
  • Black annealed wire
  • Galvanised wire
  • Vineyard and fencing wire
  • Agriculture wire

Recoiling of wire

Automatic machine

  • Cast diameter 600 mm (24″)
  • 4,5 kg (10 lbs)
  • Typical production: 1 strapped roll every 30 seconds
  • Cast diameter 330 mm (13″)
  • 5 kg (11 lbs)
  • Typical production: 1 strapped coil every 60 seconds


Coil splitting line

Automatic machine

  • Splitting bulk wire coils into 25, 50, 75 and 100 kg coils, exact weight.