Technological services and R+D by order

Technological services and R+D+i by order: DRUIDS has a multidisciplinar team able to develop processes and products by order. The specialization in physical-chemical, mechanical, electrical, magnetical processes… along with the design, calculation and simulation capacities, make of DRUIDS the best technological partner for the development of new tailor made products, processes and applications. With own technology, we offer power electronics applications, special sensors contactless adapted to high temperature and speed processes.

Design and product development with simulation assistance

DRUIDS counts with a team of experts that Will help you in the design and development process assisted with fullsimulation, by mathematical calculations applying individual or coupled multiphysicals.

  • Mechanical simulation:
    fatigue,tenseness, security factor, life…
  • Thermical simulation:
    fatigue,tenseness, security factor, life…
  • Fluid-dynamics simulation:
    turbulences, multi-phase, acoustic, compressible, reactive flow…
  • Electromagnetical simulation:
    Eddy current, magnetostatic, electrical and magnetic transient, induction…


DRUIDS won the ANSYS Hall Of Fame 2020.

ANSYS Hall Of Fame

Wire welding

DRUIDS has frequency converters, of own design, specialised for wire welding applications.

Metal heating static and continuos

Induction oven applications for heating metals
Special applications for heating
Induction hear application to special profiles, big mass, surfaces, temple to certain depths…

Heating special applications

Special systems for cooling masses at high speed, high resolution temperature contactless measuring systems for temperature ranges from 20º C til 1500ºC , metal detectors sensors, coating thickness detector sensors ( multimetal)…