Integral purchasing platform

Our technical and comercial knowledge allows us to dispode of a huge supplier and services network.

We only supply genuine replacement parts of AUTOMAT® equipment. We have all replacement parts you need to have your equipments up and running without incidences. If you are having preventive maintenance or need to solve a critical breakdown, our engineers have the knowledge and background to make the equipment run again in the lesser time.

  • After sales and exclusive service of AUTOMAT® equipment
  • Genuine replacement parts
  • Reparation, maintenance, improvements and increment of benefits

Reparations, sales, planning

  • All type of replacement parts sales
  • Maintenance and reparation of UNTHA® crusher
  • Automatisms programming
  • Robot programming
  • Electrical equipments design and assembly, and control cabinets for any industry
  • Software programming
  • Tailor made electroncial development,power electronics specialists. Induction ovens.
    Electromagnetical applications
  • High quality draining pads ad long life for zinc draining
  • Wire draw lubricants
  • Rows of pressure for drawing
  • Hot and cold flux for galvanising
  • Oven fluidized bed sand

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