Energy solutions

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Waste recovery

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Energetic explotation solutions

IDSUD Energies has designed an innovative range of small 3D wind turbines, the nheowind, and a range of autonomous outdoor lighting solutions, transforming wind and sun energies into public lighting, the nheolight. After years of Research and Development, our products are based on our patented technologies.

IDSUD Energies also focuses on developing teleprocessing and telemetry solutions, as well as security and communication applications, the nheoapps or nheosolutions, particularly designed to communities and businesses.

These applications are to be plugged to our autonomous power supply masts.

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Valorización de residuos

More than ever, waste management and recycling is a key factor in the evolution of human communities. As consumption and production patterns are in continuous change, the solutions coping with waste recycling have to adapt rapidly.

DRUIDS develops genuine technology to select and recycle waste, to keep abreast of the demanding requirements and offer interesting opportunities and advantages..


Hospital waste

Dangerous residues

Electronic waste

Electric cables


Confidential data



Pressing machines


Other equipment