Druids supplies complete production lines in all its fields, and offers development or improvement of processes. We also do upgrades, updates and maintenance of mechanics or control electronics.

We have complete engineering services, with extensive R+D, design, supply and commissioning experience of complete production lines, using state-of-the-art designing tools.

Druids is a World leading total solution provider specialized in the development of processes and equipment for the ferrous (steel) wire and industrial waste recycling industry, with strong focus on reduction of energy consumption, of environmental load and improvement of production ergonomics.

Our core competence is being the one-stop supply of proven processes to produce wire. Guaranteed solutions based on decades of experience, with the lowest operation cost, highest productivity and reliability.

Difficulties made easy. Our strong experience, know-how and scientific background allows us to offer the most advanced, complete galvanizing lines available. Low conversion cost, easy and comfortable operation and lowest environmental impact are guaranteed.

Practical, efficient, reliable… and fully automatic. These are the solutions available for the production and packaging of wire coils of almost any size and weight. Coiling, spooling, splitting, all at the highest output rate, with the lowest operation cost and the highest reliability… continuous innovation.